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Ask Me Anything.

Posted by Daverom - February 24th, 2013

Cause why the fuck not.

Ask Me Anything.

Comments (14)

Alright I brung it...
now what?

Get more to brung, get a brung club going on.
Maybe get some ladies and some booze.

I'm ordering pizza, what toppings do you want?

Everything, go big or go home

oooh! yay!!

What is your opinion of the art community here? What could the mods and users do to make things better? What would YOU do if you were an art and forum mod to improve things?

I still really like the art community here, that's why I still come here. Although a majority of the newer users I don't really know or interact all that much with.

I genuinely don't know, and it might be the fact that I don't actually have the pressure of being in a position where I need to figure out a solution to things around here. But probably the biggest thing I've wanted around the forum for a while now is the ability for mods to sticky threads, I feel it'd clear up a lot of the clutter from the more spammy threads. Best case scenario collabinator solves that problem, or at least puts a dent in the amount of them.

Are you a wizard?

Merely a sorcerer.

Cat or Dog? Star Trek or Star Wars? When will we see art from you again?

I have no substantial history with either series
never ever never ever ever ever never

The final part of your reply makes my cry. Are you proud of yourself now?


You warm enough?

You can never be warm enough

If you had to have lunch with a rapper, which rapper would it be?

Why don't you art more?! :c

When's the last time you scraped your foot on the bottom of a swimming pool?

Most of the rappers I know of don't seem like they'd be all that cool to hang out with.
I still art plenty, I just don't post it.
Probably 10 years at least, I don't particularly like water.

What's the highest number you've ever counted to? When was the last time you jump-roped? What's your favorite paradox?

probably about 200, as a kid I wasn't very good at much of anything so I tried to be good at completely menial tasks, I also had the attention span of a gold fish so I'd get pretty bored of said menial tasks rather quickly.
Probably 6th grade, I remember we did a bit of that in gym as part of a fitness dealie.
Schrodinger's cat?

Can you dance like that gif in your post right now? If so, would you record yourself doing that dance and make it into a gif and upload it in your newspost instead? :3

Probably, yes, and probably not, respectively.

can u give a newbie artist some tips to improve his art ?

Do what you like and try not to compare yourself to others in a self depreciating way, it ain't healthy thinking you aren't good enough or as good as someone who may just have more experience under their belt.

I don't really have any real technical advice, I just kinda wing it myself.

How come almost everyone on Newgrounds hate me? (See: "Who the fuck is Sonicfangirl01?" In General Forums).

Probably because you ask random strangers for their opinion of you.

What happens if the bass drops!? :0

it probably dies, bass aren't known for their vertical sustainability

any tipps on colouring? (or tuts?)
'cause i guess you can draw
at least there are some pretty pictures in your gallery

https://www.youtube.com/user/KienanLafferty/videos 's tutorials are pretty good. He's certainly not the best, but he has an aesthetic I dig.